Be successful and triumph in your path.

Welcome to Columbia Academy where we uphold a high standard of excellence in education, healthy learning and an enthusiastic student community to provide a basis for a successful entry to the best universities in the world.
Columbia Academy is the best choice for students looking to get a Canadian High School Graduate Diploma in a period of three semesters per year.
We are located in downtown Vancouver, a fabulous global city with various attractions ranging from skiing in the nearby mountains, hiking on the nature trails of Stanley Park or indulging in different types of food at the multicultural restaurants that surround Columbia Academy and explore the different facets of Gaston, Coal Harbour and the central Olympic Village.
A student-cantered facility, we are here to create a loving and caring learning environment for students from all around the world. We focus on helping pupils and students enter the best universities. Our teachers, employees, consultants and managers are professionals who are committed to understanding each student's goals and with such vast experience can help in mapping out their future.
Our programs are designed to support individual learning styles and provide a rewarding educational experience at Columbia Academy. Academic success is not the only thing that matters to us, we want our students to be "Happy Students" who have a high level of mental intelligence that can be leaders of tomorrow and are invaluably useful to our society and communities everywhere.
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