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Summer and winter camp programs are specially designed for young people between the ages of 7 and 18.


Courses and activities developed including excursions,
sports and recreational ventures, that are monitored 24 hours a day.

Programs where students learn and practice the language in class,
on the streets, and in socialization activities with colleagues from all over the world.

The perfect plan for a well-deserved holiday while studying and getting
to know many touristic sites, sports venues and entertainment activities full of fun.




Immersion in English or French through sports. An effective immersion experience in English or French, combining morning language classes with sports activities such as (football, tennis,
hockey, horse riding, etc.) in the evenings, interacting with local teens. The sports camp is operated mainly by local teens and by trained and dedicated trainers. After the language classes, students spend 3 hours per day in sport training chosen. The program is designed for sport lovers and includes team training and weekly meeting planning.


Immersion in English or French through Art. An effective English immersion experience or French, combining language classes in the morning with artistic activities such as (music, dance and art dramatic) in the evenings, interacting with local teenagers. The arts camp is mainly operated by local teens and qualified and dedicated coaches. After the language lessons, students spend 3 hours per day in training, necessary to improve their skills within the activity they have selected.



The English or French immersion schools of the winter season for teens are a good opportunity to discover the real Canadian winter, through fun activities and exclusive winter sports. Combines English or French classes in the morning and multiple cultural or sporting activities such as: skiing or snowboarding in the afternoon. English or French classes are organized at different levels and help students develop their most important four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing and refine the study of grammar and phonetics.


Language classes in the mornings, in the afternoon hours participants can select from a wide variety of multiple activities, the most popular among our students such as: skiing and snowboarding. Afternoon options are pre-selected once per week (a student can sign up for a different afternoon program each week). The program organizes one or two-night activities plus weekend excursions. Weekend activities are mandatory for participants.