Geos Languages Plus
Geos Languages Plus

Geos Languages Plus

One of the leading institutions for people who want to learn French and English as a second language.
GEOS offers variety in a school day with guaranteed extra time to talk and listen.
GEOS is located in Ten Points of North America- and destinations worldwide!
Offers young people the opportunity to learn ESL or FSL in North America while enjoying summer activities and fun vacations and local excursions.
Adult programs combine the best of language learning science with high-energy classes and a comfortable and friendly environment.
The best way to learn a language is to produce it and we offer 30% more opportunity to produce than comparable language schools.
We work very hard to help students improve listening - the most difficult skill to master.
Has decades of experience and we have helped thousands of international students achieve their educational goals.
We attach great importance to the individuality of the language courses, so that every participant can effectively improve his or her integrated english skills for academic and professional purposes.