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Canada is a marvelous place to live and study, is an ideal place for all international students. Furthermore, and praised in general because of its stability, Canada is well recognized for its multiculturalism, clean environments, along with first class medical attention, facilities and one of the highest education systems worldwide.


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Hillary Ng Chang

It’s definitely more than I expected, thanks to ISIC and for all the support, I really appreciate your efforts and I appreciate you being so generous from the get go, by sharing your knowledge with us. God bless you forever, your commitment to us lead us into good deeds in my life in Canada. I am sure that without the help of ISIC I would’ve never have fulfilled my dream to pursue and seek a better future in Canada where I can realize my life with many opportunities and goals.

Maria Camila Méndez García

ISIC staff were always on the lookout to resolve my doubts through constant phone calls from them, every week to make sure everything was okay. They were aware of my stage from the first moment I was received at the airport and led to mi residence. Also, from my medical insurance, of my daily life and until the last moment they took me to the airport to return to Bogota. They were my support all the time and I thank them for all they did for me and to see my parents were happy and glad to see the improvement I had in my English language.

Juan Sebastián Fierro

I participated in many activities organized by the school and I had the opportunity to know many places of interest.

I returned to Colombia and due to my high level of English I had the opportunity to apply for many jobs which required an English speaking Engineer and I was fortunate to choose which job was the most suitable for me. I am very proud because I know that the dedication I had in Canada with my English has paid off and helped me to receive many achievements and compliments here in Bogotá.

ISIC staff were always on the lookout to help me with my questions and were ready to answer them all the time during my stay in Canada. They are excellent and never abandoned you. They always attend to you, from the first moment you contact them for the quote, until the moment you return to the country with all your dreams ready to make them come true.

Silvia Hernández y Valeria Cuzul

Now that we are in the renewal for the second year of study of my daughter Valeria, I take this opportunity to thank ISIC, for all the timely help and transparent advice you provided in the student visa process to my daughter and mine in particular as a tourist, culminating in this beautiful opportunity for Valeria to study in Canada and of course the opportunity for me to accompany her on her first trip and be able to visit her. During the process, it was a pleasant experience to always count on you and during the course of this year that Valeria has studied, we have been surprised in a positive way by the interest of your part in accompanying us in all the activities, that for an international student are totally new, exceeding our expectations; and that is why and for many favorable reasons our family continues to place our trust in you, and thanks God and ISIC for their important support.

Andrea Paola Garcia Cespedes

Thanks to ISIC I could live an amazing
experience and learn about many cultures. I made
new friends from different countries and I keep in
touch with some of them. Moreover, all the
counsellors were so kind. The camp included
several activities, from artistic to sports activities,
which was so interesting because I could do
things that I wasn’t used to before.
We also had the opportunity to get to know our
surroundings on the trips they organized. I was
glad to visit Niagara Falls and Ontario Lake and I
enjoyed a lot Canada day and Wonderland
amusement park. In short, I will always keep this
experience in my memories and I would love to
live all that again.

Dario Rodríguez

ISIC was my principal support during my application process, they were with me and for me through every single step and even after the process was finished, helping and assisting me with all the documentation and knowledge needed to succeed in my preparation for coming into a Canadian University. Thanks ISIC!

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Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are not offering one on one classes, airport transfer, or homestay accommodation services. Travel to Canada is still restricted, and please before you take a decision, we encourage you to review the IRCC website.


More information coming soon!!


More information coming soon!!

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