UCEDA School – USA
UCEDA School – USA

UCEDA School – USA

“Learn English. Speak to the world”

Uceda School’s ESL Programs are Accredited.
Our Intensive English Program and ESL programs are accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation endorsing the ESL program as a high-quality program.
Affordable Tuition Fees & Flexible Schedules.
Offers high quality education & services for affordable prices.
Has great locations allowing students to not only study English, but also experience American Culture to the fullest.
The academic department uses the latest and most updated ESL textbooks and materials.
All Uceda School teachers are professionals who have college degrees and are certified in TESOL (Teaching English to students of other Languages)
Uceda School believes that technology should be integrated into the ESL classroom.
Taking international studies will allow you to immerse yourself directly into the American culture.
Learn from fluent teachers who specialize in teaching English to students from many different countries.