For decades, GEOS has been one of the premier institutions for people learning French and English as a second language.  We can really help you learn to speak English and French. GEOS offers more variety in a day of classes with guaranteed extra time on speaking and listening!

GEOS is located across Ten North American Locations – and worldwide destinations!  Boston, Orange County, Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Malta, London, Devon, Brighton, Paris, Frankfurt, Shanghai. GEOS offers juniors opportunity for ESL or FSL in North America or Europe while enjoying fun summer and holiday activities and local tours.

GEOS Adult programs combine the best of language learning science with high-energy classes and a comfortable friendly atmosphere.  The best way to learn a language is to produce it and we offer 30% more opportunity to produce that comparable language schools.  We also work extra hard on helping students improve listening – the hardest skill to master.

SC-GEOS has decades of experience and we have helped thousands of international students reach their educational goals. For most students now, English language courses are just the beginning of the voyage!

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