Pickering College has an exciting summer program for students aged 12 to 18 who plan to study in an English-speaking school, or who wish to study English as an academic subject in their own country. Learn English and experience the wonders of summer at our 42-acre campus, an ideal location for a unique program that combines intellectual learning with a summer vacation in Ontario, Canada.


Students enjoy the excellent residential, dining, academic, athletic and social facilities of one of Canada’s oldest independent schools focused on providing students with the social conscience, confidence and skills to shape the future. All aspects of the program provide opportunity for leadership development and personal growth through peer support, creative problem-solving and team-building.

Students benefit from small classes of 12 to 15 students per instructor. Classroom instruction is directed to the skills that are needed for in school study. Practical assignments are given and include computer instruction. The ESL Summer Program focuses on reading, writing, speaking and oral comprehension.



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